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Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Beginning

Alright. Here it is. I am 23 years old and in a body that does not act its age! I am extremely overweight and I have knee issues and a LOT of feet issues. I tore some ligaments four years ago and the problems just kept coming. Even though the ligaments healed, there were stress fractures that formed on top of everything else. The pain can be very unbearable sometimes and I am not sure how much longer I can really deal with it. So today is the start of my new beginning. The day that I can finally say that I am trying to make a better life for myself! I just graduated for Theatre Performance and I really love it. However, there aren't many roles out there for big white girls. I am confident in my talent, but not in my body. If I can't do theatre, then I am not sure what my place in this world is. SO, as of today... I have weighed myself and have recorded everything that I have eaten and started/recorded my exercise regime. This is a record of me losing weight, as well as my pursuit of what is my true happiness in this world. I hope you can bear with me through the many tears of joy and sadness that are about to come! I look at this blog as motivation for myself and hopefully others that are in similar positions. The picture below is one of the most recent photos of me. This is what I look like now.

 PS- I am the one all the way to the left. 

I am giving myself 365 days to lose 150 pounds. Hopefully with the motivation and support of my family and friends... this can happen! I am ready to begin this new adventure!


  1. If I could email you, I'd tell you a secret. (It has to do with my own weight. Don't worry. I'm not a creepy spammer.)
    I'm 42 years old and I've always been very overweight. I know how you feel. I'm not commenting with any advice. That would definitely be the blind leading the blind. I do think we could support each other. Are you on the twitter? I'm @Helenatrandom on the twitter. I tweeted your post, and am hoping some of my friends who also struggle with the same thing come and encourage you.
    God bless you, hon. I hope you know that God loves you as you are, and that His love is steadfast. He won't love you more or less depending on your weight.

  2. Prayers for you! You can do it one day at a time!

  3. Best of luck to you! Believe me when I say it can be done! I'm down 80 lbs. so far. If I can do it, anyone can! Drink lots of water and eat as slowly as you can. I hope you make that (very attainable) goal!